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Moda Spring Sew Along
Week 10: Camellia

This weeks Moda Sew Along block is the Camellia flower. This is the final block in this sew along, so we will be posting the lay out next Tuesday. #modaspringsewalong

I would like to make one pattern correction. Fabric D (the center fabric) needs to be 3 in.² I have provided two different pictures. The first try I went with 2 1/2 in.² which made it too small, so I changed it to a 3 1/2 in.² and I believe It is slightly too big because my points ended up being cut off.


Week 8: Daisy

Today we are popping up a daisy block from the Moda Spring Sew Along. Please don't look too close at this beauty. I know a few of my points are iffy. I had a couple of run-ins with the directions and settled on this as my final block for now. #modaspringsewalong

Here are your cutting directions...
Fabric A= back ground
* (4) 3” squares
* (16) 2” squares
* (4) 1½” x 6” strips
Fabric B= outer half-square triangle and petals
* (16) 2” x 3” rectangles
* (2) 4” squares
Fabric C= inner half-square triangle flower
* (2) 4" squares
Fabric D= center square
* (1) 1½” square


Week 7: Lily

This is another 1/4 square triangle pattern, so I recommend doing two of this block in order to make your petals go in the right direction. I have doubled up the recipe below and I increased fabrics A & B to 7 1/2”.

Fabric A: Background- two cut at 7 1/2”
Fabric B: Small flower petal- two cut at 7 1/2”
Fabric C: Large flower petal- four cut at 7”
Fabric D: Center square- 8 cut at 2 1/2”

Week 7 Lily Block…/spring-flowers-lily

Week 6: Posie

I have decided that May showers bring May flowers! That’s right we’re on week six of the Moda Spring sew along!
This week’s Posie has one that frankly took me several tries to figure out! I’ve taken a close-up photo of the part I am talking about and you will notice, several of them are slightly off. I have settled with 1 1/8 being the most suitable correction.  

Fabric A: background
Fabric B: Petals *you need (12) 1 1/8th squares
Fabric C: green
Fabric D: orange
Fabric E: center square

Week 5: Dahlia Block
 I went a little darker than I planned, but I am using up scraps and that feels great! Directions this week went smoothly, so I hope you enjoy making this block as much as I did!

Week 5 Dahlia Block

Week 4: Boquet

It was suggested that I use ombre fabrics to make a more interesting flower, so I was really excited to try it on this weeks Bouquet block. Della Lindley, please tell your sister thank you for the advice, I LOVE IT!!

As humans we all error, so let me help you with a couple of small direction errors on this block so you can sew worry free:
*When you are making the 1/2 square triangles, use the 3 1/2" blocks to make the sets, then trim them down to 3" (DO NOT trim to 2 1/2" that is too small). Please see the picture below for the complete corrected cutting directions.

Week 4 Boquet Block

Week 3: Aster

I would like to share some tips and pattern corrections that I came across while doing this block. I will list them below. I will also go live on Facebook at 6:00 pm central time today May 5th To discuss these changes and give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. (When you click on the link below, you’ll notice the Moda sample block is a bit different than the pink one you see in my picture. As a quilter, I have a tendency to change things a bit and I felt like my flower needed to have more of a circular center.) 

This list will make 2 blocks which I recommend because of the 1/4" triangle mirroring effect:
Fabric A (background)

*(8) 4 1/2” squares
* (2) 5 1/2” square
Fabric B (small flower points)
*(2) 5 1/2” square
Fabric C (large flower point)
*(4) 5” squares
*OPTIONAL FOR CIRCLE — (8) 2” squares.
Fabric D (center)
* (2) 4 1/2 square

Week 3: Aster

Week 2: Daffodil
Our Moda sweet and simple spring sew-along continues with Flower # 2! Stay tuned each Tuesday for a new block.

Fabric A= background
Fabric B= green
Fabric C= yellow
Fabric D= orange
Fabric E= center square

Week 2: Daffodil

Week 1: Tulip
Join us for a sweet and simple spring sew-along! What could be more lovely than flowers? We will share a new Moda Bake Shop flower or flower inspired block each Tuesday.

Week 1: Tulip

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